Running Into The Fog

Rostyk Hursky

September 28, 2021

“I think CI needs to evolve faster than it is currently evolving.” says Rostyk Hursky, Director of Impact and Strategy at Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation (SHRF). In his years of experience, Rostyk has dedicated himself to providing more advanced strategic and foresight services to the organizations he serves. Rostyk finds pride in his work by pushing the boundaries of the traditional approach to CI in hopes of creating outcomes that benefit both stakeholders and consumers. 

Competitive intelligence, or collaborative intelligence as Rostyk calls it, is constantly working to identify existing problems in order to create viable solutions that increase a company’s profits. According to Rostyk, if we take a humanistic approach to intelligence, we will see better results. He suggests the best way to achieve this is by collaborating with as many people as you can along the way. Understanding diverse perspectives will allow CI to be more effective in organizing and addressing the actual wants and needs of an audience on a vast scale.

In an ideal world, representatives from across the board would play a role in CI. Join the Jo Bros on this week’s episode of Running Into the Fog for a conversation with Rostyk Hursky about his passion for catalyzing change in CI. Learn more about the role of CI in our daily lives, the importance of collaboration, and why Rostyk believes that intelligence is capable of creating a better future for generations to come!



• “I think CI needs to evolve faster than it is currently evolving.” (16:46-16:51)

• “CI needs to be pushed beyond the boundaries and limitations. It needs to be cross-functional, cross-organizational and cross-sectoral.” (17:24-17:35)

• “But to me, competitive intelligence, or as I call it collaborative intelligence, is really working towards not necessarily just making our organizations better and profitable, but making the world a better place for us, for our families, and for our children to grow up into.” (18:21-18:40)

• “We're working together to maximize a future reality based on understanding the points of view of everyone who has a stake in this currently.” (24:25-24:34)



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