Running Into The Fog

Dr. Craig Fleisher

September 29, 2022

“This book project needs to get done” is how Derek Johnson put it.  That’s right, the Jo Bros are writing a book together.  Who better than to have on the podcast today than close colleague and friend, Dr. Craig Fleisher?  With over 16 authored books to his name, Craig is a treasure trove of wisdom for anyone interested in writing a book.

It’s not easy, even for an experienced author.  But with his years of practice, Craig has keyed in on six specific points to hit if you want anyone to actually read your work.  Even with many difficult obstacles and impediments, Craig says “They’re all surmountable.”  

Tune in as we take a closer look into what is driving Arik and Derek on this journey to put pen to paper.  Filled with personal backstories, authentic authorship advice, and the vision of the upcoming book, you can’t miss this episode!



- “The hardest thing about writing a book is getting the first chapter done” (25:37 -25:42

- “You gotta do something that you’re compelled to do, and that will compel your readers to do something.” (20:03 - 20:08)

- “Knowing who you want to read your books and what you want those people to do both during, and then after they consume your book is a critical piece for the author to plan around upfront.” (13:19 - 13:33) 

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